How Much Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

How to determine the cost of hurricane impact windows?

Determining the cost of impact windows or impact doors requires an on site evaluation by a trained professional. 

Simply providing window or door measurements will not allow a quote to be determined with any level of accuracy.

If a homeowner is provided a quote based on provided measurements, the quote is only being provided so that the salesperson can offer a low price to convince the customer to allow them to schedule an in home estimate, does not support these types of sneaky sales tactics. 

We recommend searching for an accredited company that offers free in home estimates to determine the costs of adding impact windows to your home or commercial property.

What exactly are Impact Resistant Windows and Doors?

When people use the term impact-resistant, impact resistant or high impact resistant windows or doors they are talking about the same product. Windows of this type use a heavy duty frame and are attached to a structure using heavy duty hardware. Impact windows use a laminated glass and silicone glazing to prevent the glass from breaking away from it’s frame. These types of windows can still break, but they will not separate from their frame which stops storms and criminals from entering the structure.

Impact-resistant glass is comprised of two panes of glass laminated (bonded) together with a special interlayer of  polyvinyl butyral which can be colored bronze, gray, green, brown, white or clear depending on the impact window application and it’s desired look.  Polyvinyl butyral is a bonding resin that is applied under heat and pressure.           Impact doors are doors that are made of a heavier duty frame and hardware that are designed to withstand extreme impacts from wind or attempted break-ins. Impact doors can be made with or without impact-resistant glass as part of the door’s design.

Are hurricane impact windows worth the cost?

If you can afford impact windows, they are certainly worth the cost, this is why almost every new home built in Florida now includes them as standard. In addition to protection from hurricanes, major storms and crime, impact windows and doors also allow homeowners to receive discounts on their homeowners insurance policy and make their home much quieter from outside noise, which drastically increases the value of your home. 

The results of a survey conducted by suggested that impact windows are the second most valuable addition you can make to your home aside from kitchen upgrades.

Other alternatives like hurricane shutters, Bahama shutters or aluminum panels and hurricane screens do not offer always on protection and must be applied to activate their protection. These alternative solutions often devalue a home due to the ugly appearance whereas impact windows and doors greatly increase the value of your home because they look beautiful and are made from high quality materials which make them more functional than standard windows.

How to get exact prices for hurricane impact windows in Florida.

If you are serious about adding the needed protection that hurricane impact windows offer to your home then you absolutely need to have someone come out to your home to provide an exact estimate. 

Even if you know the exact measurements of your current windows, an accurate price can not be given to add impact windows to your home. A window that is exactly the same can cost much more or much less depending on the home itself.  Variables like the type of wall construction of your home, window sill thickness and many other variables will drastically change the price of your window installation. Some impact window companies offer free quotes to come out and determine exact pricing for your needs. If you would like a free quote from an recommended provider, you can fill out the free quote request form.

Ways to save on impact window installation.

Most homeowners are lead to believe that pricing on impact windows is standard for the industry and that the company chosen to install their impact windows has very little effect on impact window pricing, while this may have been true 10 years ago, the recent surge in demand has created a huge range of costs to install impact windows. 

In fact, if you choose the wrong company, you can even pay as much as 300% more for the same quality of impact window that is sold under a different brand name and pushed by a sneaky salesperson as a higher quality product to justify the higher pricing. If you want to save money on impact windows you can purchase vinyl frame windows instead of aluminum windows, although vinyl impact windows are typically sold by sneaky salesmen as “premium” windows they are actually the opposite, this tactic is used to justify a comparison to another impact windows pricing. Other than cost, the only reason why vinyl impact windows would be preferred over aluminum is if you are near salt water.

If you want to save the most money possible on impact windows, look for before hurricane seasonal sales, if you are located in Florida, many companies like Storm Impact Windows offer a 40% discount on impact windows or doors as long as they purchase at least 4 or more windows/doors at the same time.